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Default Re: Round 1: Game 4, April 25: Dallas Mavericks (1-2) vs San Antonio Spurs (2-1)

this will be the harder to take than a 4th win would be for the spurs.

but as long as the defensive rotations are dead on (and boy were they in game 3), then you've gotta like the spurs chances. i have not seen any team close out as well as they did in game 3 during this entire season.

it looked like jj barea was going to kill the spurs in game 3, but his getting hot turned into a huge disadvantage for the mavs because he tried to do too much and carlisle just left him in.

the mavs biggest problem is when kidd is not in, the other players rarely look to go to dirk in favor of a quick jumper off of one pass.

the spurs cannot stop dirk, but at least they are being smart and purposely avoiding the foul and letting dirk have the 2 if they know he already has the advantage. parker and ginobili double teams have been amazing.
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