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Originally Posted by fatboy11
Basically, they're all (scouts, GMs) saying he's definitely not another Skita but probably won't be as good as Dirk. You know, those are the two automatic comparisons.

Comparing him to Skita or Darko or other euro prospect who was in a similar situation before entering the draft is totally unfair. It doesn't make sense comparing him to other european just because they both come from europe. It's like comparing a player entering the draft straight from high school to a player who played 2 or 3 years in college. The difference between Bargnani and players like Skita and Darko is that Bargnani already plays in the top level in europe while Skita and Darko basically didn't play at all for their european clubs, and were drafted purely based on the potential.

I think the most reasonable comparison here would be Gasol, who was also young when entering the draft, but he too had played for a top class european team, and had just started to play really well for a big club. Bargnani is now in the same situation. I wouldn't necessarily pick him as number one, but he surely is more nba ready than Skita or Darko.
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