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Default Re: Round 1, Game 4, April 24: Lakers (2-1) @ Thunder (1-2)

Originally Posted by OldSchoolBBall
Didn't see the game, but to those who did: did Kobe sabotage the game by not shooting a lot intentionally? I see that he attempted just 10 FG's, after being roundly criticized in the media and by PJax for shooting too much/shooting inefficiently. Kobe has a history of pouting and "trying to prove a point" after being criticized by purposely not shooting a lot. Was that the case tonight?

Read some of the earlier posts in the thread, but to answer your question: No, I truly believe that it was part of the game plan. He only shot 10 shots, but the game plan going INTO the game was to pound it inside to the bigs or drive into the lane and get to the cup/kick it out. Kobe was being active, moving from side to side, setting screens, and giving passes into the post. He wasn't looking for his shot early, but instead was doing something he has done COUNTLESS times, setting up his teammates. He has done this many times in the past, where he will get the team going more-so in the first-half, and then in the second-half he will become more aggressive on the offensive end. He shot some in the second-quarter and some into the 3rd. He was taken out of the 3rd with 2 or 3 minutes left. He didn't play any of the 4th. The game plan failed this time and the Lakers lost because of Bynum and Gasol's lack of caring and failure to come through. The game got out of hand early. They were being destroyed on the boards and showed no effort.
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