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Default Re: Round 1, Game 3, April 24: Orlando Magic (2-0) @ Charlotte Bobcats (0-2)

Originally Posted by elinss86
the refs are pretty intent on not letting dwight play, and its working for the bobcats since their centers cant score anyways they dont care about their own centers foul trouble. next series, hawks cant do that since they only have 2 centers who are actually good and useful beyond giving 6 fouls. bobcats will prob end up being a tougher test than the hawks. good practice for the cavs.

They're (Hawks) are under sized, though.

Horford is a PF forced to play a C, which is why Orlando has dominated ATL this season.

I see Atlanta still has problems keeping intensity on the road, didn't Milwaukee beat them by like 20-ish or something last night?
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