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Default Re: Round 1: Game 4, April 25: Dallas Mavericks (1-2) vs San Antonio Spurs (2-1)

Originally Posted by icemanfan
I hate all the Mavs Choking talk. IF they get a win tonight they regain home court advantage. I could understand this attitude if they were already down 3-1 but 2-1 AND being having the best road record in the NBA there is no reason for it. Remember this is the reason Stern changed the first round to the best of seven. In the old days tonight's game would be for the series and the Spurs would just have to win this one game on their floor to advance. I am pulling for the Spurs and know they can do this but counting the Mavs out is a mistake.

People never give credits, spurs and mavs are very close talent wise, im not sure why a loss by one team has to be considered a choke. But remember last year? SPurs were hurt, got beaten, and people said they choked. i guess its just the nature to not give credit.
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