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Default Re: Updated depth charts for your team/Draft recap

Originally Posted by knickballer

For the Bucs they need a veteran WR. You can't go into the season with rookies starting, just won't work. Mike Williams is a nice player though, he's a stud. Looks like the Bucs need some serious help at DE, they should of picked up Griffin or Sapp in the later rounds imo. Bucs got better but still have a young team and will struggle offensively.

There's a big reason why Everson Griffen fell from the 1st round to the 5th round. There's a reason why, and lots of reports say he's lazy, has a bad work ethic and is hard to motivate. No thanks to a player like that. Minnesota was a great place for him though.

And like I said, we will pick up a veteran WR before the season starts. We'll be fine at DE. Just b/c those guys aren't household names doesn't mean they SUCK. Stylez G White is a solid DE and Kyle Moore showed promise last year as a rookie after coming back from injury. When you have 3 stud DTs, that allows the DEs to go one on one. And last year, it was our DEs who were getting double-teamed b/c Hovan and Sims are garbage DTs.

I'm sure we'll pick up a vet WR and a vet DE. But we're fine at DE. For now.

One of the reasons we sucked so bad on offense last year was b/c we fired our offensive coordinator 10 days before the regular season. The offense was learning an entire new playbook ON THE RUN. They were constantly having to study the playbook and run new plays during practice during the season instead of training camp. With a few games under Freeman's belt from last year, and with us knowing the playbook already, that alone will improve the offense. Add in two possible stud WRs, and it'll help.

Not saying we'll have a prolific offense, but we will be much improved from last year (even though thats not saying much lol).
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