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Default Re: Aaron Brooks: Trade or keep?

It would have to be one hell of an offer for us to trade Aaron Brooks. I mean its would have to be one hell of a player. He might have a reduced role because of Yao's return but with Yao dominating the paint and especially with Adelmans offense, it will open up the outside and that only means good things for the leader of 3 pointers made this season. So i wouldn't call it a reduced role. We have a big three in Yao-Martin-Brooks that can put up points and not only that be reliable in the clutch. Surrounded with a solid cast, I like how were looking next season.

Probable main rotation


again, it would have to be one hell of an offer. I hated the fact that we had to part ways with Landry. He really developed into a solid player and was beasting this season. but we traded him to one of the top shooting guards in the league in kevin martin. a guard that can put 50 in a game and average 20+ a night.

the only scenario where i see we part with brooks is if we are getting a superstar in return and i dont see that happening. we will not part with brooks for solid pieces.
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