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Default Re: Aaron Brooks: Trade or keep?

Originally Posted by brantonli
Even though Brooks just won the MIP, and has been one of the Rockets pillars this season, there are a lot of people calling for Brooks to be traded while his stock is high. I'm still very undecided, because Brooks has brilliant work ethic, he's a gym rat, and loves challenges. However, next season will feature a reduced role, and none of us have any idea how he's going to react. Plus, with a lot of big name FAs, the Rockets have enough assets to facilitate a big name sign-and-trade, and Brooks is an attractive option.

So, Rockets fans of ISH, what do you think?

I dont think his stock is too high that someone will dump a great player for him.... so that being said.... keep the man

there is not very many players that would fit better than him with this years squad plus Yao..... im pretty excited to see what happens this offseason for next year....

this upcoming year could mimic the feelings i had when the rockets scooped up artest... which i thought on paper the rockets were # 1 in the league...
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