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Default Re: Official Pittsburgh Steelers offseason thread

Originally Posted by TheGreatDeraj
Thanks for the breakdown I was looking for something like this. I still think the steelers need another defensive back. Whoever replaced Troy was terrible, I think it was gay. I remember him missing so many coverages... Steelers defense was so much worse with Troy out.

Do you think they did enough to fix the offensive line? That was really their biggest weakness, Ben didn't have enough time to throw. The problem was magnified because Ben loves to hold on to the ball for too long sometimes.

I'm excited about Sanders. I trust the Steelers scouts. Wallace was a great rookie WR hopefully he will continue to develop and Sanders will pan out as well. I didn't like the trade for Holmes even though he would be suspended.

Gonna be an interesting first 6 weeks without Ben, I just hope we can go 3-2 they play some tough teams: Atl, Tenn, TB Baltimore and the Browns. Just glad the Steelers get a Bye.

Tyrone Carter is the person who replaced Troy at safety and he got released, thank God. He was flat out horrible.

I think the problem with William Gay was that we asked too much from him. We played him as our #2 corner because realistically Deshea is too old and can't cover anymore (he got released too). With McFadden back, we can slide Gay to nickle which suits him better. Also we didn't get as much pressure on the QB with Troy and Aaron Smith out. We have another pass rusher with Worilds now and Aaron Smith returns healthy.

Pouncey is an improvement to the o-line but not the end of all our problems. Our interior line was pretty bad tho so he will help our efforts running the ball and in the passing game. Mendenhall should improve off his breakout year last year too.

Our schedule really isn't too bad for the game Ben is out. Atl is definitely a winnable game and TB/Cleveland should be wins but who knows. We played Baltimore tough without him last year but they add Dickson and Boldin as recieving threats. Tennessee is a likely game to win either but I think it is realistic to win if Denny plays well.

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