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Default Re: Derrick Rose's injury proneness will prevent him from being superstar

Originally Posted by KG5MVP
Derrick Rose's game is based too much on driving and attacking the rim, and that's caused him to be injured like 5 times this year. broken wrist, bruised hip, sprain ankle, etc... All from his play style.

If Rose doesn't change the style which he plays, he's gonna have a short career.

BS. Is he supposed to shoot jumpers from hereon out?

Whenever you drive to the basket you run the risk of hurting something. Just a part of the game. Being an injury prone player is different than an accident your durability has nothing to do with. He fell on top of Shaq's heel and rolled his ankle. That's happen to many players in this league. I'm sure Vinny Del Negro and Jerry Reinsdorf are just fine with Rose being aggressive to the hole.
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