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Originally Posted by fatboy11
Skita, Dirk, and Andrea are the same type of player. Same style. That is what I'm comparing when I compare the three.

Skita is the worst case. Bargnani is most likely the middle ground. Dirk is the best case.

In terms of impact, I think Bargnani will have an impact much like Dirk did in his rookie year. His numbers won't blow your socks off, but he'll get valuable experience. I think whatever team drafts him needs to be dedicated to playing him.

Yes, there are similarities in that both Skita and Bargnani are tall and can move pretty well. However, Bargnani has been guarding seven footer centers in the Italian playoffs and is better prepared to play under the basket than Skita or Dirk. He won't be a dominant inside player in the NBA, but he is not only a big man with outside game. He weighs 240, and can hold his own in the post. I get your point, but I think we are talking about a slightly different kind of a player here, and it is Gasol who is the euro player in NBA that is closest to what Bargnani is.
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