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Default Re: More big names join unrestricted free agency

Originally Posted by Rameek

How are they being stupid? Being aggressive filling holes?

You know its not going to work because.... You sound jealous right now.

Although they have made a splash but they have addressed all the issues that caused them not to get to the Superbowl.

Nope. Not jealous. But sometimes teams overthink things, they do TOO much. That IS possible, you realize that? Write a post not using green for once (meaning, take off your homer glasses) and realize that just b/c another fan voices his opinion doesn't mean he's hating just to hate. They are doing waaaay too much. They'll have way too many expectations. Their QB will be in ONLY his SECOND season, and he wasn't that jaw-dropping last year either.

I guarantee, the Jets will have plenty of struggles during the regular season, and I promise you that they won't make it back to the AFCCG. They totally changed their core group and added in a number of "characters."

IMO, they've just been going a little overboard. It IS possible to have too much.
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