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Default Re: More big names join unrestricted free agency

Originally Posted by Rameek
so you make a blanket statement with no basis of support or rationale just under the guise of "its my opinion" I am challenging you to support your opinion....

If I came here and said your are a dumb idiot and left it that... it is my opinion. Wouldnt you want me to support that claim? I would imagine so.

If you just throw out an opinion like that you sound like a jealous fan.

I know who your owners are and i was having fun with there name.... The Pirates have no money or are really cheap so they cant field a competitive MLB team.

In regards to being a homer I am far from a homer when it comes to my teams. If you ever read anything I have written about the Knicks Jets Yankees its far from homerism.

this is not personal :

Ohhhhh, the Pittsburgh Pirates. My bad. I totally did not connect the dots on that one lol. My fail. Yeah, I can see that potentally happening, but they are committed to building through the draft with a couple of FA signings here and there.

In regards to my not naming the Jets Super Bowl bound for 2010, I just think they messed with what they had. I'm not "jets expert." I just think they may have added too much, and I'm not the only one. There's plenty of people who aren't hot about their moves.

Before I make a couple of points, I understand some moves were for a money standpoint, but regardless;

-Letting go of Thomas Jones and signing LT? That's gonna be a huge mistake IMO. LT is washed up and TJ is coming off his best season.
-Cromartie hasn't done anything positive since his Pro Bowl season a couple years ago, and he's a douche off the field.
-Holmes will miss the first quarter of the season, & he'll only be there for 12 games. He's a FA and will most likely be lost via FA. And its not like he's a top WR either.
-I wasn't a huge fan of their draft. I know they drafted with a BPA mentality and that's a great way to go, but I don't get a couple of their selections.
-Sanchez is still a young QB and wasn't even solid last year. He made a few splash plays, but he also LOST the Jets a couple of games. He must make a HUGE improvement if the Jets wanna talk about a Super Bowl bid.

I'm not saying the Jets won't make the playoffs, b/c with that much talent, there's no way they miss them. BUT, I think they're setting themselves up this single season for a huge run, and I don't see it ending the way a lot of people think.

Sorry to misunderstand you earlier though.
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