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Default Re: More big names join unrestricted free agency

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Ohhhhh, the Pittsburgh Pirates. My bad. I totally did not connect the dots on that one lol. My fail. Yeah, I can see that potentally happening, but they are committed to building through the draft with a couple of FA signings here and there.

In regards to my not naming the Jets Super Bowl bound for 2010, I just think they messed with what they had. I'm not "jets expert." I just think they may have added too much, and I'm not the only one. There's plenty of people who aren't hot about their moves.

Before I make a couple of points, I understand some moves were for a money standpoint, but regardless;

-Letting go of Thomas Jones and signing LT? That's gonna be a huge mistake IMO. LT is washed up and TJ is coming off his best season.
-Cromartie hasn't done anything positive since his Pro Bowl season a couple years ago, and he's a douche off the field.
-Holmes will miss the first quarter of the season, & he'll only be there for 12 games. He's a FA and will most likely be lost via FA. And its not like he's a top WR either.
-I wasn't a huge fan of their draft. I know they drafted with a BPA mentality and that's a great way to go, but I don't get a couple of their selections.
-Sanchez is still a young QB and wasn't even solid last year. He made a few splash plays, but he also LOST the Jets a couple of games. He must make a HUGE improvement if the Jets wanna talk about a Super Bowl bid.

I'm not saying the Jets won't make the playoffs, b/c with that much talent, there's no way they miss them. BUT, I think they're setting themselves up this single season for a huge run, and I don't see it ending the way a lot of people think.

Sorry to misunderstand you earlier though.
i didnt like the TJ for LT thing... As a locker room leader it would have not sat well with his team mates and it could have been divisive in the club house. I hope LT is decent but he is a beast on the goal line.

Holmes and Cromagnum are both in contract years they better perform to get the money which may not come from the Jets. Holmes for 12 games is better than the regular receiving core we would have had for 16.

Faneca I understand was for the money but why not do this next year.

Sanchez lost more than a couple of games last year

you made some valid points and like i said i am not a homer because i kinda agree with those sentiments as well.

We have bridged the gap in our misunderstanding lol
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