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Default Re: red dead redemption

Originally Posted by Undisputed
I just finished up all the achievements a couple days ago. When I get on that game now it's just to hook people up online. If you're on Fable and see me on, shoot me a message. I can offer pretty much any sendable item on Fable. I have multiples of everything as well as some really rare stuff.

I was up til 2am playing that damn game yesterday (or i guess early am).

I'm pissed off because i totally forgot to save my game before i ended it. That way I could go back and keep picking the different options. There are 3. I picked Sacrifice. No clue why. Then i didnt realize stuff was autosaved I'm like f*ck! 2 achievements I cant get.

43 out of 66 so far. Close to getting the Knothole buy everything in that shop achievement. Just need to find another Murgo Book of Trading.
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