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Default Re: red dead redemption

Originally Posted by GOBB
I was up til 2am playing that damn game yesterday (or i guess early am).

Fable 2 is oddly addicting.

I'm pissed off because i totally forgot to save my game before i ended it. That way I could go back and keep picking the different options. There are 3. I picked Sacrifice. No clue why. Then i didnt realize stuff was autosaved I'm like f*ck! 2 achievements I cant get.
Beating the game doesn't take long. I went through it three times for the ending achievements. Takes a while because after you beat it once the dedication is gone.

43 out of 66 so far. Close to getting the Knothole buy everything in that shop achievement. Just need to find another Murgo Book of Trading.

I have Murgo's book of trading. I can give you one next time I see you...if you don't find it before then.

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