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Originally Posted by RidonKs
Interesting. Thanks for the info.

Something I would like to add is that the plug-ins for FireFox kick all kinds of ass. I've got one that let's me go backward and forward on websites, reload pages, bring up new windows, and make text/pictures smaller/bigger just by moving my mouse in a certain way. Another plug-in is one that restores FireFox to its exact state when you boot back up after a crash. It remember everything, so even if my computer crashed or locked up at this very moment, the stuff I'm typing right this second would still be here when I started FireFox back up. It's saved a lot of headaches. Another one lets me download streaming videos like on YouTube.

So yeah, there's a ton of cool sh!t to add to it, and honestly I don't even take advantage of it. There are lots of people who have way cooler stuff than I do.
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