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Default Re: Those Stupid Mistakes

I've got a great story of a hilarious mistake made by one of my good friends.

I have a friend named Lavon, who's a black guy, but he's not your standard ghetto Black guy. He's a hardworking, studious, serious type who is a generally chill and intelligent guy. This made it even more hilarious when we all made fun of him for weeks after it happened.

So anyways, we were playing in a league about 3 years ago, he was one of our main roleplayers. (Very high level league, 5 college players on my team including myself.) He's not a great player overall, but he's a great roleplayer. (Plays Small Forward, Excellent defender, athletic, hits open jumpers, makes his layups, but doesn't really have a good ability to create for himself... maybe like a Tony Allen type guy.)

So anyways, the game was going down to the wire, we were down one with about a minute to go, I made a layup, and they got the ball on offense down by a point with about 40 seconds left. They took a shot, missed it, we got the rebound with about 25 seconds left on the clock. We had possession and were up one with 25 seconds left. Usual Game plan: Get me the ball and have me hold it: I'm a 90+% FT Shooter. Lavon got the ball around halfcourt, and a double team came his way. I was literally standing 5 feet away from him, and he could have just shoveled the ball right to me. He looked right at me, we locked eyes, and then I stared in amazement as he aggressively and recklessly attacked the double-team. He tried to split through it, but they kept the pressure up, and he kept dribbling down the court at full speed. He got to around our 3-point line on the right side, they cut him off, and a THIRD defender was coming from the FT line extended. For some still unknown reason, with us still Up one with 15 seconds left Lavon made the most hilarious decision I have ever seen on a basketball court. He was double teamed, he went full speed to his right, was met by two defenders, did a full-speed COMPLETE SPIN MOVE with a Pivot to his left, right into the third defender that was coming to help, and decided to shoot a full speed sideways-fading fadeaway jump shot while triple teamed and us up by a point with 15 seconds left.

Needless to say, he missed the shot badly, and the other team had two chances to win the game. They missed a shot, then they tipped it out of bounds, so we had the possession with 3 seconds left. My other team-mate saw someone all the way across the court, so he decided to throw a 70 foot lob pass down the court. Unfortunately for us, we were playing at PowerHouse Gym, which has a myriad of pipes hanging from the ceiling. The ball hit a pipe on the ceiling, and the other team got another possession. They missed again, and the game was over, but I thought that was arguably the funniest end-game I have ever witnessed in my life, and my team was part of it. XD

-We ended up winning the Championship that season, I got two trophies, one for being "All-Time leading Playmaker" of Powerhouse League, (whatever that means), and of course the Powerhouse Champions trophy.

Now our team is all split up though, even though we were all good friends. Two of my team-mates went on to play serious 4 year college basketball, one of whom dominated (Averaged 17/7 shooting 63% from the field at Univ. of Hawaii @ Hilo) and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up playing professionally somewhere overseas. My buddy Lavon moved back to downtown L.A. and lives with his family over there. My best friend on the team, our shooter, is a major drug dealer in the area now so he doesn't really hoop anymore. Our little spark plug, (5'10 but could smash like CRAZY, through the legs was easy for him.....unfortunately other than raw athleticism he had little basketball ability) tried to play Junior College Ball but it didn't work out. Our veteran on the team (A buddy of mine, in his early 30's) got hit hard. His girlfriend died in a car accident and due to him being down, he got fired from his art job due to "decreased productivity" Our other shooter ended up playing for Los Angeles Valley College and I haven't seen or heard from him in a little while, but he's still around the area.

This was my favorite team that I ever played on, because we were all basically best friends. I would get us together in a league again, but... those guys are all broke as hell. I had to put $300 out of my own pocket to cover all their league fees and most of them have not paid me back. But it's all good, those were fun times with some really cool people. If we see Lavon again, that will be the first thing we mention! XD
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