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Default Re: red dead redemption

Originally Posted by Undisputed
It's all about the multipliers.

Yup you're right. Soon as you told me that I got the 20,000. Highest multiplier was 8. 2 away from the other achievement. I figured if i can upgrade or max out the time power. I'll have a chance to get that one as well. 11 left...

1. Multiplicator achievement
2. The Colourist achievement
3. The Sharpshooter achievement
4. The Duellist achievement
5. The Hoarder achievement
6. The Completionist achievement
7. The Family/The Egomanic achievement
8. The Concierge achievement
9. The Con Artist achievement
10. The Gargoyle achievement

Yo do you have any expressions books? I think I'm missing some. When I pull up my expression tabs and click on an expression to get a list of them. I see blank spots. I know I need one expression like Worship which is needed to open up one of those Demon Doors. Plus it'll speed me up to getting the Completionist achievement altho maxing out the abilities will be time consuming.

Also finding all 10 of Murgoes statues that has to be down on my own or can someone send me them? I got about 4 so far. The same with collecting the dyes in murgo's magical items. Are these two I gotta do on my own?

The one I cant get is The Duellist. I try and try and try. Shyt should be worth more than 10g.
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