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Default Re: red dead redemption

Originally Posted by GOBB
Yo do you have any expressions books? I think I'm missing some. When I pull up my expression tabs and click on an expression to get a list of them. I see blank spots. I know I need one expression like Worship which is needed to open up one of those Demon Doors. Plus it'll speed me up to getting the Completionist achievement altho maxing out the abilities will be time consuming.

I think I have all of the expressions you can get through books. Some expressions can only be earned by reaching a certain level of corruption, good, and evil. So if you have a good character, you only have the good expressions. To get the other expressions, you have to turn your character evil(or visa versa)

To turn your character evil from being good quickly, just kill about 15+ people and raise all of your prices to 100% in Bowerstone Market(will take a little waiting, but is the fast path to corruption). To become good, donate something like a million or two gold to one of the bums or guards. If that doesn't get you all the way good, keep repeating the process. Let me know if you're going the donation route because I will hook you up with even more gold.

Also finding all 10 of Murgoes statues that has to be down on my own or can someone send me them? I got about 4 so far. The same with collecting the dyes in murgo's magical items. Are these two I gotta do on my own?

Those can't be gifted. You have to find them throughout the See the Future expansion. Back when I was trying to find them, I found all but 4 of them and used YouTube to get the rest.

The one I cant get is The Duellist. I try and try and try. Shyt should be worth more than 10g.

That's easily the hardest achievement to get. When I got it, I was just swinging my sword around in the air randomly. I wasn't even trying for it. You're not kidding, it should definitely be worth some more gamer points.
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