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Default Re: red dead redemption

Cool i figured that with trophies. Yo i donated like 2 mil to that church or monk temple. He keeps saying the sun isnt shining bright enough but thank you anyway. Is he pulling a sham on me or is there a certain time to donate? I feel like I was bamboozled! I'm like the sun bright as f*ck outside. This douche keeps saying wait for the zenith.

I gotta search online to see what expressions I need for the Complionist. I know you dont need all of them but i'm sure some you do. I figured to get 100% evil (was messing around yesterday). I raised the dead using that power then killed people in the town market. Guards, woman, dudes. I got a new expression but I cut my xbox off so it didnt save. Just wanted to see what would have happened.

Yo its funny to hear those orbs begging for stuff. Some even sound like people from the game.

"Oy, does anyone have fie-vah (five) condumms (condoms)? Anyone? Will trade 4 gold, yea"

I be dying with laughter.
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