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Default Re: Those Stupid Mistakes

Managed to remember a recent mistake (only last week)... Anyway the team i play in is very casual and usually contains no game plan or set of plays, we just take the ball up the court and hope for the best. Anyway we've started to take things a lil more serious this season because we've entered for a full season whereas last season we entered half way through..

To the point, me and my mate weren't quite on the same page one trip down the court. Basically i thought we were going to run a post up play for our big man and dribbled to the 45, my mate on the other hand (Auka, posts on ISH occasionally) ran from the corner to me and around me thinking i was gonna do a dribble hand off to him. So basically he tried to take the ball as i was looking to set up the big man which ended up in a rather strange looking turnover.
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