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Default Re: this is not the suns best team of the past years

If you're referring to the 2007 team that had Nash, Stoudemire, Bell, Thomas, Diaw, Marion and Barbosa, I think the 2010 team is stronger.

Nash (2010) slightly worse than Nash (2007)

Richardson is much better offensively than Bell. Defensively, he's average.

Hill (2010) is basically the same as Marion (2007) defensively and doesn't complain.

Stoudemire (2010) is smarter than Stoudemire (2007). Did you see his assists to Richardson out of the high post? Plus the charges he takes?

Lopez is about the same as Kurt Thomas but taller and will give Duncan problems, assuming he plays.

Dudley/Frye/Dragic/Amundson/Barbosa owns Barbosa, Diaw and whoever didn't get playing time in 2007.
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