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Default Re: this is not the suns best team of the past years

Originally Posted by Walker
Couldn't be more wrong fella, infact this is the best Suns team since the CB34/KJ days.
Phoenix is legitimately 10 deep this season, I'd challenge anyone to name a second unit better than Frye/Lou/Dudley/Barbosa/Dragic. In previous years we've had 8 players at best that could contribute consistantly. Our bench gives a completely different look to the team and we can put out line ups that are matchup nightmares.
Not to mention the defence has DRAMATICALLY improved throughout this season.
Do I think Phoenix will win the Championship? No
Do I think we'll beat the Spurs? Clean sweep, book it.


first of all the spurs bench > suns bench get that stupid shit out of your head

who is dudley?? and lou?? nobodies that wont do anything the only players off your bench that will do anything will be dragic and frye and im definately not scared of either. blair > frye and tony parker > dragic. you arent even ready for the spurs. suns fans are so cocky for this series and its just gonna be another let down for you guys. face it the spurs just played in the second round vs the mavs and now we are playing a team that isnt as good after gelling in that mavs series. suns are DONEZO but i wont say sweep like an idiot like you would. ill say in 5 or 6 like previous years

now its hard to say your team is gonna lose after each team beating someone in the first round and doing it in under 7 games but be realistic dude you are calling a sweep on the spurs??? lol
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