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Default Re: Point Guard situation?

Originally Posted by boozehound
what pg would you have them draft? there arent any worth taking in the lottery besides wall IMO. I think there guard rotation is fine. they need to move rip (and shouldve kept afflalo), but stuckey and bg are great starters and the rest of the minutes end up with bynum (assuming we keep him, which we will). We need to use any and all available avenues to fix our FC. Trading away amir and afflalo for space to waste on wilcox was dumb and obviously didnt work.

I agree for the most part with this. There's a lot of PG's in the draft, but I just don't see many of them being the game changer type. Of course if I could draft Wall or even Evan Turner (as a combo guard) I would do that in a heartbeat. Turner I think is the best player in the draft and will be a huge player in the league. He's a can't miss kind of guy. Outside of that I'm all for going big. I also still don't like having BG on this team (for the money he is paid).
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