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Default Re: Round 1, Game 6, Phoenix @ Portland APRIL 29 - PHOENIX LEADS 3-2.

Originally Posted by PejaNowitzki
Besides that initial burst of momentum that he produced in Game 4, Roy was more of a liability than anything else. He was getting beat left and right on defense, was slipping all over the floor, losing his balance and generally was a negative rather than a plus. He spent way too much time out on the floor tonight and someone else should have been in there in his place.

My question is: who? Roy pretty much took Rudy's minutes, which at the very least made the Suns unable to hide Nash on defense by sticking to Rudy. It took till game 6 for Rudy have a decent game. As disappointing as Roy was, he made the Suns at least have to focus on him a bit, while there wasn't any focus needed on Rudy.
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