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Default Re: Dolphins GM asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
me earlier in this thread:

yeah, I am sure he wishes he just never spoke up in the first place...

It isn't like he will ever see money out of this or get a "real" apology...

now we are all lookin at him with troubled eyes...the product of a pimp and one of his young 15 year old workers...

I am also hearing now that his mother is a lesbian...

SMH. Its unbelievable some of the hurdles some kids have to overcome to even come out with a half decent life, no thanks to their parents. Dez made it to the NFL, but with much controversy, being suspended his final NCAA season, and now this.

I'm sure in some cases, overcoming those hurdles motivates certain players to make it to the professional level, but still, I'm sure there are 1000s of kids who won't overcome those odds thanks to their parents.
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