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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Originally Posted by beasted86
I think you are the only guy who thinks this way.

Beasley is a whole lot more valueable than a protected draft pick. Beasley is a whole lot more valuable than a salary dump. Simple as that, and Riley knows this as well.

A 21yr old with current production of 15/6 on a BAD year isn't exactly someone you throw away. Seriously, SMH at your logic.

Is Michael Beasley MORE VALUABLE than appeasing a Dwyane Wade? That's the question that needs to be asked.

Is Michael Beasley better than a Carlos Boozer? Will he ever be?

Is Michaeal Beasley better than Amare(f*ck no)? Will he ever be?

15/6 from a number 2 overall pick is TRASH. It's not just bad. it's TTTTRASH. Period. 21 years old? Only in his 2nd year? I don't give a f*ck.

I attempted to use Spoelstra has a scapegoat for his shortcommings, but after watching the playoffs, you simply cannot do that.

Watching Beas as K-State(and I watched him a whole lot), I was expected this physical beast who loved to operate in the paint. Instead we got a floater on the perimeter, with a very questionable baskeball IQ and motor.

As a fan, I'm not content with that. And I would hope you aren't either.

I was expecting a new age Karl Malone, not a rich mans Rodney Rodgers.

Is Beasley worth more than a salary dump, and possibily a future top 10protected draft pick? At this present momment, I'd have to say that is up for debate.

Sh*t, if Pau Gasol can be traded in a salary dump, Michael Beasley can.

I'd take potentially one of Bosh/Amare along with a Boozer, over Beasley and whoever all day. Everyday.

Hell, what if the Cavs end up losing to Boston? Lebron all of sudden decides he wants to look for greener pastures? Would it be worth it then?

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