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Default Re: Round 1: Game 6, April 29: Dallas Mavericks (2-3) vs San Antonio Spurs (3-2)

Originally Posted by spursrule
While I do think that Popovich is the best coach in the NBA, excepting Phil J., I want to add that he (or would Jackson) would *never* coach the Mavs as far as Cuban owns them. I say this because the biggest problems the Mavs have is that Cuban would won't just be an owner and see how much he affects the team from being a team. Peter Holt lets Pop and his crew run the show.

The blame lies squarely on Cuban.

Gotta agree. Cuban is a FAN he is not and should not be allowed to run any part of the team, just pay the bills, sit back and enjoy the game. If you've ever seen Peter Holt at a game, you can see he is a fan, and acts like a fan and doesn't interfere with the officiating or has post game react like Cuban.

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