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Default Re: Dolphins GM asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Did ya'll see the WHOLE story? During the meeting, Ireland asked Bryant -- during a talk about Bryant's upbringing and relationship with family members --- what his father did for a living when Bryant was growing up, which apparently prompted this exchange:

Bryant: "My dad was a pimp."

Ireland: "What did your mom do [for a living]?"

Bryant: "She worked for my dad."

Ireland: "Your mom was a prostitute?"

Bryant: "No, she wasn't a prostitute."

YET AGAIN, a story blown way out of proportion and taken out of context, but half of the fault is on Dez's shoulders since he just said "They asked if my mom was a prostitute" LIAR!!!

You don't think Ireland or the Dolphins would have come out and said this from the start if that's how it went down? Not saying it isn't possible, but they would've saved themselves from a lot of embarrassment if they came out with this earlier.
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