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Default Re: Discuss Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets now that Jazz eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by lakerspng
Nuggets lack character as a team. Their problem is not talent, it's character. They lost their coach and Billups did not pull them together and lead them as he should have, being the Veteran and team captain.

that is a lot of responsibility for just one person, I mean if you have players like Kenyon Martin, JR Smith and even Anthony who has been involved in a couple of altercations you will need a strong veteran leadership core to back that up. Billups can only do so much, the responsibility should really be on Carmelo to assume that leader of the team position, especially at this point in his career. I don't know what it is about

Carmelo but he always seems lackadaisical out there on the court, even when he is dropping 30/7/3 type numbers. A lot of people say that Melo is the smoothest scorer if not player in the league but i disagree. I think people assume that his game is smooth because it seems like he exerts very little energy when he goes off for numbers like that. It's like he is constantly trying to save his legs or stamina until the playoffs but his style of play is nearly identical in the playoffs compared to the regular season. I don't catch as many nuggets games as I should but I seriously don't remember the last time i've seen him dive for a loose ball, even in the last couple of playoff years.


now i know it sounds like im a whinny B*tch, but its hard to win if everyone is missing time and the refs don't respect you for sh!t

a lot of the ref reaction has to do with how the players behave towards them. That's why the refs don't take anything Sheed takes seriously anymore and it's gotten to a point where Sheed will almost refuse to go to his deep post game because he knows the refs won't call any fouls in his favor.

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