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Default Re: Bynum has a torn meniscus in his knee

Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
Laker Fan and their excuses.

When has this guy ever been effective with an injury?

Dude is done being a factor in the playoffs. And shame on the Lakers management if they let this guy play given his medical past.

Wow, fail. He's been playing through the injury all season long. He just aggravated the injury and now it's gone from very small to small.

The Lakers said they became aware of the tear last June when Bynum came in for his end-of-season exit interview, but Bynum was able to play with the injury without it bothering him during the 2009-10 season. When Bynum hyperextended his right knee in the play against Krstic, the tear went from "very small" to "small."
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