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Default Re: Ridiculously Early Offseason Ideas

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
Watching college ball always gets me excited for the draft and the offseason. We look really good this year but with a good offseason and draft I think we could become a legit contender next year and for years to come.

Ill keep updating this as the year goes on.

Sign Durant and Westbrook to contract extentions

Free Agents:


Dont re-sign:
Kevin Ollie: All washed up and I think Westbrook is past the point where he needs a veteran to show him the ropes.

Etan Thomas: There just isn't any room for him.


Chris Bosh PF

Bosh has said before that he wouldn't mind playing in OKC and there have been a lot of rumors that he may sign with the Thunder lately. We sign Bosh to a MAX deal and we instantly become a championship contender. A solid all around player and the legit PF we need. Bosh would be good in transition which is where the Thunder thrive.

Trade for Samuel Dalembert

OKC gets:

Phili gets:
OKC 1st
PHX 1st
DJ White
OKC 2011 1st (Lottery Protected)

We finally get the defensive center that we need. Dalembert is a good fit for OKC and we can get him without having to trade Green (We would have had to trade Green to get Haywood). The 76ers do it because they need to rebuild and they get a solid young PF in White that just hasn't been able to see time in Oklahoma City.

Draft (Using's order)

Round 2 (Pick 32): Jordan Crawford SG, Xavier

Crawford is a great shooter and a pretty good defender. Crawford could compete with Harden for playing time and it's always good to have a shooter coming off the bench.

Round 2 (Pick 48, from Portland): Nemanja Bjelica, PG/SG/SF, Serbia

This guy is so intriguing. He is a 6' 10" PG with excellent ball handling and passing skills. He also rebounds well. Here's his draftexpress profile, he is truly one of a kind.

Depth Chart:


That looks like one hell of a good defensive team and a championship contender. We would have a lot of versatility and a bunch of solid role players coming off the bench. Jeff Green can be the first guy off the bench and will get to play SF which is his natural position. I would be very happy if this was our team coming into next year.

Wow, just wow if this ends up being the way things unfold! It doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility either.....Phily gets good value for Dally and signing Bosh is at least possible...interesting to see what actually occurs but I like your thinking.
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