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Default Re: Discuss Brandon Roy and the Blazers, now that Suns booted us out of the playoffs.

Originally Posted by midatlantic09
The Blazers need to trade Andre Miller and designate Bayless as the starting PG. The guy is incredibly talented, and could be an All-Star one day (20 ppg/6assist/4 rebs/1-2 stl type player), but needs the minutes and support from the coaching staff. Sure, he makes some stupid mistakes here and there, but so does Miller; the difference is that Bayless has a very high ceiling whereas Miller is on his way out.

Bayless and Roy could be one of the best backcourts in the NBA. They also need to get Patty Mills into the rotation because he too is pretty talented and could be a very solid backup PG in the league.

Why would we trade the player who is one of the core reasons for our success this year? Hate to say it, it wasn't Brandon Roy who led us here this season.

Bayless has not progressed fast enough to be our starting PG and I don't think he ever will be. He was fine the 2 weeks Roy was out in the winter but that was before teams scouted him. Now that they have, Bayless can be easy to deal with. A lot of the times I want to smack him for ignoring 2-3 open guys on the perimeter and he rushes into a crowd of 3-4 guys trying to get a foul. He doesn't even bother to try and finish, he just goes in, screams "HEY" and throws the ball in the air. The only advantage he has over Miller is 3pt shooting and sometimes thats so streaky that Miller hits more than him lol.
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