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Default Re: Kevin Hart can be the new Dave Chappelle ...

Originally Posted by Tito Beasley
I don't remember whether Killin Them Softly came out before or after the show began, but that standup is easily one of the best standup routines ever, if not the best. So the show really is a separate issue. And then on top of the standup the show was hilarious.

So fame notwithstanding, comparing someone to Chappelle is an extremely high standard. For the record I don't know much about Kevin Hart, why dont you link a video to some of his good bits.

Also, I dunno if he does standup but Tracy Morgan is a LEGIT comedic actor. He's not just hype and a hot name. He is really good.

Tracy Morgan is hot garbage, he's not that funny to me. He just retard.
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