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Default Re: Madden 11 preview video...

Originally Posted by Brujesino
1.I hate playing online it gets laggy as hell.
i only played online 5 or 6 times and i have 1 legit loss the other 3 have come from being kicked out.Even when i had the lead i would get kicked and i would get a loss

2.Dumb A.I

3.People abuse speed backs
Their will be abusers in everygame so this isnt that much of a big deal

4.Same boring franchise mode
This too me is the reason to buy sports games picking a weak team and turning them into champs but i can only do it some many times with madden 10 they didnt add anything new

5.Superstar mode is weak
They didnt even touch this mode

the only thing i liked about it was the graphics and i dont really care about that
yeah if you don't like the online play then that is major...I don't have too many issues with lag...

also, I have gotten angry at the AI before, but it might not be "dumb AI" but rather just bad players...because on UT if you have the settings and blocking all jacked up the AI doesn't miss a beat...if you have low setting then they will miss blocks...or fail in coverage..or miss tackles...all the shit that drives people nuts...

Peterson is better than CJ in the game and CJs speed is 99...Peterson is a 96 I believe...cause CJ falls right away when touched...and AD will truck over your ass...

but, coaches abuse other teams with speed backs in real that just seems to be reality to me...

CJ certainly abused other teams with his speed last question about that...
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