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Default Re: Antawn Jamison Quietly Doing His Part...So Far

Yeah I don't know about Shaq. Before he got hurt, he was playing better than he had in 2-3 years and looked awesome in game 1 against Chicago. Now he's botching dunks and missing shots 2 feet from the basket. Maybe he is just getting too old but I have loved Shaq since he got drafted when I was 7 and now he is on my hometown team and that just excited the hell out of me. Hopefully he can break out, and if we do face Orlando next round he will do what we got him for. 20 million dollars. Damn, lot of money. Jamison has met my expectations. He didn't do to well first game against Boston but he was great in the Chicago series. And Mo aint letting last years playoff problems come back on him either. Go Cavs!
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