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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

6'3" I basically play Small Forward. My shot is a little slow yes, didn't help that I couldn't get much lift due to the knee. Pick and pop is my favourite game though. Shot release has also gotten quite a bit faster but still isn't where I'd want it to be.

Handles were at that time questionable at best yes, they have been worked on quite a bit since then but I really have to work on it more, haven't been challenged by good defenders much this season but it's beginning to show since I've started working out with 1st team. My big benefit is though that I know how to play angles pretty well, so I can get away with being a little slow and I've got a good high off-the glass bank lay-up which is nice.

And those hooks are probably my favourite shot in basketball, in training I can pretty consistently hit them from about the foul line.

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