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Default Re: Why does every park have double-rims?

The double rims that most courts have these days do a great job of sustaining their original relationship to the backboard. They don't bend, and that's a dream come true for public outdoor courts. Before these buckets came around, my area was just littered with rims permanently bent to 9'7'' because some little feller climbed the net and hung up there for a half hour.

And like 70% of the posters in this thread, I truly and honestly enjoy double rims because it perfects ones' shot. There's a certain gratification that comes with watching the ball fall into the hoop, even if it bounced around the rim a couple times first. It seems to signal your shot was good enough, even if it really wasn't that perfect of a shot. Indoor rims seem to lower one's own shooting expectations. Outdoor buckets raise them.
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