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Default Re: In their primes: Joey Galloway or Keyshawn Johnson?

Galloway prime was shortlived. Wonder how the stats stack up. Pretty sure Galloway beats him or its close in TD receptions. Deep ball threat so the ypc is in his favor as well. But they were 2 different kind of WRs. I like the physical aspect of Meshawn. He took big hits, made tough catches and was a great blocker.

Really cant explain 106 catches 1 TD. I'd have to sit here and recall that season. What year was that?

Kinda irrelevant but Galloway speed was amazing. Dude in his mid 30's was still torching people. *flexes bicep*

I remember both in college, liked Galloway more there.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
I'd go with Galloway. MeShawn talked more than he produced. That douche was quite overrated, so I'll go with the speedster who could beat you deep down the field. Johnson once had 106 receptions with only 1 TD. That's like saying, 'Thanks for getting us down the field, but now that we're about to score you're not getting the damn ball'.

What? Meeshawn produced. What did you want to see more of?
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