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About time the best team in the nation got a thread going... watching their defense just completely take Michigan out of their game reminded me of the tourney matchup with LSU last year. Deer in the headlights - that's what happens when a lot of teams see Collison and our defense for the first time.

I miss not having season tickets this year, but the consolation is that they'll be playing their opening NCAA tourny round where I'm at now - Sacramento.

UCLA's only real weakness right now is backup PG. There is a HUGE, HUGE drop-off from Collison to Westbrook and this wasn't the case last year when Collison (who I thought was already the better player in many games last year) was coming in for Farmar. That said, they're still going to whoop on the Pac-10 again this year - can't wait for Pac-10 play to start later this week.
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