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I have found the level of competition at my park is contagious. At a default level, it can often be full of low level players. However, once legitimate competition begins to establish itself, often one by one, things begin to pick up.

How it usually works here. . .I'll head out at the start of the year, the moment the temperature hits 55 (Michigan). There will often be a smorgasbord of players present, representing all ability ranges. Bit by bit, day by day, local basketball players of whom I'm familiar with will see me down at the court, stop by and begin to infuse the court with a little more talent. From there it just builds and builds and builds until finally (right around this time of year) the court is largely filled with at least moderate talent - high school varsity/low level college (i.e. right down my alley).

There's no way I can honestly sit here and pretend the talent level goes higher than that but for a small city it's just about right. To answer your question, it IS at least serious and competitive.
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