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Default Re: Those Stupid Mistakes

Sounds like a clichè way to begin a story but. . .we were up by one with three minutes left and I caught the ball on the right wing. I stand 6'3'', but I was being guarded by a player on a switch who was likely no taller than 5'8''. Further, he was sitting down in a low defensive stance.

Still for reasons absolutely unknown, I got the idea to ball fake a pass over the top of his head. I guess ideally he'd turn around like a small child in one of those, "Hey, where'd the ball go?" moments. Again, no reason whatsoever as to why I'd attempt this play, but of course I tried anyhow. I slowly (in my mind I was going to do this much quicker) ball faked over my opponents' noggin. And what does he do next? Well, he stands upright and jars the ball loose, leaving me behind and opening up a two-on-one fast break.

Out of pure shame and terror, I chased down the little fellow and blocked his lay up attempt off his own face and we regained possession. It should have been one of my better moments, a chasedown block to retain a one point lead late in the game, but my boneheaded mistake just prior made any play that followed pale in comparison.

Watching this replay still makes me cringe but of course, when editing my highlight tape back then, I conveniently began that chasedown block footage well after my stupid turnover. So now, the clip starts with me just running downcourt, not apparently trying to rest the basketball on top of my opponents' head.
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