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Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I must be one of those people because dear God did those hurt my knees by the end (I was already having problems though... but the lunging hurt more than anything else). Again tho, pushing up through your heels really makes a difference. I was not doing that at the time... I wasn't focusing on it and I was probably using a lot of my knees and toes.

My body is not built to carry a lot of weight though I don't think... I am down from 195 to about 184 now and I honestly think I need to be at about 175. My body is built to retain heat and pick potatoes... not jump and cut all over the place Maybe at 175 I could do lunges without much of a problem.

It's tough though to lose some of the muscle that I have worked so hard to gain... but I've come to the conclusion that I don't really need as much as I have and honestly I could gain it all back in 6 months to a year if I wanted... so cheers to looking more average lol.

AS I continue to train myself and in my experience with older clients, I see more and more that controlled light weight training through an entire range of motion is more effective than trying to get them strong asap. The latter works well with competitive athletes though.
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