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Default Re: red dead redemption

New info released...

Rockstar has announced plans to release free downloadable content for upcoming Wild West 'em-up Red Dead Redemption, with the first pack adding co-op gameplay.

The 'Outlaw To The End' pack, which will release in the weeks following the game's launch on May 21st, will add six new multiplayer missions that see 2-4 players storming enemy strongholds, plus new achievements and trophies.

"Multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption offers players a whole new way to encounter the massive open world we've created, but we felt the experience would not be complete without co-op game play," said Rockstar's Sam Houser.

With these missions, we wanted to create new ways for players to share in the experience of engaging with this amazing landscape."

Rockstar also confirmed that a further two add-on packs will be released later in the year.

Ben Feder, CEO of Rockstar's parent company Take Two, said last month that he expects Red Dead Redemption's DLC "to innovate around the DLC business model", telling the world that the company had been given a "tremendous insight" into DLC thanks to GTA IV's Episodes From Liberty City add-ons.

Consider yourself innovated, DLC business model.

Red Dead Redemption launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 18th. I expect it'll be one of the best games you'll play this year.

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