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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Well yea but why are you using AI and AI as your examples? Neither can shoot that well especially Andre(Allen has a nice midrange tho). They aren't in the league because they can shoot. Look, he is probably over inflating his shooting stats a little bit, but I bet if you watched him shoot he would make most of them. Look... maybe I believe him because like I said, I myself am a very good practice shooter. Today, I went around the perimeter (shooting 3's) to each corner, wing, and then to the top (I go around and then back) so I had to make 10 shots. the first go around I went 10/17 (59%), the second time around I went 10/14 (71%). I said I was around 60-70% from behind the arc when practicing... so it turns out I wasn't inflating my own... so maybe he isn't inflating his. We just don't know... but I will agree that 80% is very high... but I believe it doable for myself so I believe someone else can do it.

To be honest i didn't realize how easy midrange shots 16-18 ft were, with no defense and someone passing to you, so you really get a rhythm, i am a pretty going streak shooter just shooting around. Just like you said AI isn't in the league or known for his shooting. Just like i am how i am not known with the people i play with for being a pure shooter, although i am a great ft shooter, but more so because of my passing and being able to be a game breaker and make plays for my team.

I wouldn't say i can average 70% from the midrange range, because i know myself to go on bad missing streaks, but those missing streaks, off days will bring my average down statstical even though i can do it many many times without defense. However, when i then shoot around with a defender in face that's my height with his hands up contesting percentages go way down, but it does your shot and concentrating more.

Now 3 ball is even harder even though it is only 2-3 ft behind. Way easier to go on missing streaks. I can shoot 19/20 on 3s just as easily i can go 5/20 on 3s shooting around. Again i am not a pure shooter, so ppl who can shoot can probably can better. The cold streaks though and bad days will bring your average down, does it to everybody. Even if you think you can shoot 75-80% on 3s, which is very elite, the few bad days are going to bring your average down even if you can do many many times. I think that is the misconception in this thread.

I haven't even mentioned the warm up and start you have to do to even get accustom to a rim and backboard that brings down averages a lot also.
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