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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I think so. If you are used to shooting 3's in game, then 2's are going to feel somewhat awkward no matter what, but if you have a lot of arc, there is a whole lot less room for error. When I try to shoot with a lot of arc (Derek Fisher style), my percentage goes way down... the whole dynamics of it are so awkward and you really need to swish it right in otherwise it's going to rim out. The further you are from the basket, the less of a factor arc becomes though... a hot from half court is going to need a lot more arc than a shot from 12 feet out... so that's probably why you are fairly comfortable from 3 but not from the midrange.

If I were you, I would really practice that midrange. It's actually really fun too because you make a whole lot more shots once you get used to it 1 dribble and 2 dribble pullups, step backs, etc... man just dedicate sole practice sessions to those with only a few 3's thrown in to just maintain the stroke.

good video and your have a nice shot. you can tell your a good shooter just by your form, consistent and the same.

Though i do agree you make a lot more midrange, but there is a reason the mid range is dead in todays game. It is easily the shot that you almost never get an open look during any time of live contest unless your in the transition in s stop and pop, or you drive and pull up unless your good at banks is a low percentage shot. The 3 ball is just open because of collapses and rotation all the time.

I would say if you want to practice your mid more than outside game, that is fine especially if you dont like chasing your ball over te place. To me it benefits me more when i practice 18-23 footers because those are the shots i get in games than my 14-17 ft shots. I practice them all though, but i feel the outside shots relates more to in game and plus if i am that 15 ft from the basket im going to try to drive layup or pull up for a short shot in the paint
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