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Don't really see Krstic as physically imposing necessarily. You mean THIS summer as far as trades go? If we wait until next summer it's nothing but capspace, Murphy, Foster, Ford, Dunleavy, Tinsley are all off the books so obviously can't be traded.

The 2011 FA class isn't anything special, some nice pieces, but nothing that'll take you from 35 wins to 50 wins or anything. To get a guy to come here I think we'd have to overpay and that'd be terrible. So trading is the only real scenario I see.

I really haven't thought about it a ton, but Murphy for Hinrich straight up is a deal I'd be very happy with. Then maybe a package of expirings and a future pick for Andre Iguodala, but I'm afraid Philly'd want to package a garbage contract with him (and Iggy's deal isn't exactly below market) and I don't know about that. But let's just pretend and say he can be had for expirings and pick/s, Hinrich/Iguodala/Danny/Hansbrough (draft pick, Udoh?)/Hibbert is infinitely better than anything we've seen in years. I really don't think something like that is outside the realm of possibility. Which means it'll never happen.

Anyway, I don't think any of them are getting traded. I really don't. I think they're all allowed to expire, Bird, Morway, and O'Brien are gone, and the team is sold. So we've got just under 12 months or so to come up with what, ~$400mm? I got a hundred on it.
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