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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
good video and your have a nice shot. you can tell your a good shooter just by your form, consistent and the same.

Though i do agree you make a lot more midrange, but there is a reason the mid range is dead in todays game. It is easily the shot that you almost never get an open look during any time of live contest unless your in the transition in s stop and pop, or you drive and pull up unless your good at banks is a low percentage shot. The 3 ball is just open because of collapses and rotation all the time.

I would say if you want to practice your mid more than outside game, that is fine especially if you dont like chasing your ball over te place. To me it benefits me more when i practice 18-23 footers because those are the shots i get in games than my 14-17 ft shots. I practice them all though, but i feel the outside shots relates more to in game and plus if i am that 15 ft from the basket im going to try to drive layup or pull up for a short shot in the paint

The mid range is almost always open especially for guys who catch the ball on the wing and have a good jab step and one bounce game. Its dead because most players today once they put the ball on the floor will force the second and third dribble to try to make the spectacular play as opposed to making the simple play that's there. Unless you are a absolutely deadly three point shooter (Deadly means 80 to 90 makes out of 100 shots from 3 doing game simulation shooting drills, or 40%+ game shooter) you should only be taking that shot 2 to 3 times a game. All you have to do as an offensive player to get a good midrange look is get on the side of the defender. You don't even have to beat him, once he drops that back leg to slide you are on the side of him. If you work on your footwork off the pivot, understanding body and ball positioning, you can easily get that 15 to 17 foot shot off with one leg, one arm and blind...
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