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Originally Posted by tlang1982
"UConn was the best team all year" is without a doubt a true statement, probably an understatement. IF he's "heart and sole of it", then how come this "great" PG couldn't lead the most talented team by far from top to bottom to the Championship, hell they looked pathetic in the Big East Tourney and fell apart in the Tourney. Didn't see Deron Williams or Chris Paul do that in their college careers.....Like I've said before and say it again. Marcus Williams is not going to turn around ANY lottery team.

Here's a list of PG's drafted in the TOP 10 the last 3 years:
You tell me who of any of these he will better than!

#3 Deron Williams
#4 Chris Paul
#5 Raymond Felton

#4 Shaun Livingston
#5 Devin Harris

#7 Kirk Hinrich
#8 TJ Ford

I can maybe see him being better than TJ because of his accident, but even that is not sure because he showed signs of his old self last year. Other than that I could see him being equal to a Devin Harris, but Devin is faster and actually moves his feet and plays D. Now Marcus does have a better J then Devin but that's it. I am so tired of Marcus getting all this praise but I don't remember any game that meant anything where I saw this kid takeover the team and get the things done that a STAR PG does. Once again where was he in the big moments? He will not get off as many jumpers as he did in college against much faster PG in the NBA and especially considering he's never in the best of shape and plays little to no D.


There are no PG's in the draft that will save your team. If you want a cheap AI get Randy Foye, If you want to put a few seasons into developing a potential big time PG get a Jordan Farmar, or a Rajon Rondo. But any team or fan listening to the hype that is Marcus Williams please give it a rest and look elsewhere.

It just so happend that UConn lost to George Mason in the tourney who was the hottest team in America. They wouldn't miss a shot that game and Williams wasn't the reason they lost. Second when did Chris Paul ever do anything in the tourney. O yah, he played for the most overachieving team for the past 3 years and lost in the round of 32 to West Virginia. Third I never said Marcus Williams was going to be a superstar because he is not able to consistantly score like one. But he will be one of the best passers in the league and if I'm looking for a point guard who can lead a team and pass the rock without huge point production, I want Williams.
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